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PDF FileName Change Request ( 227.98 kb )
For updating assessment records for legal name changes.
PDF FileRequest Certification of Charges Paid ( 159.96 kb )
For property pending transfer to exempt entity under ORS 307.040 or 307.090
Change of Mailing Address ( 92.67 kb )

Request a Change of Mailing Address for Property Tax & Assessment purposes

.pdfForestland Special Assessment Information Circular ( 137.5 kb )
Forestland Special Assessment Programs Information Circular
.pdfDesignated Forestland Application ( 175.91 kb )
Application for forestland special assessment
.pdfSmall Tract Forest Application ( 78.49 kb )

Application for Small Tract Forest Special Assessment 

PDF FileFarm Assessment Not in Farm Zone ( 75.9 kb )
Farmland Assessment of Non-Farm Zone  Property Information Circular
PDF FileExclusive Farm-Use Zone ( 269.13 kb )

Farmland Assessment in Exclusive Farm-Use Zone Information Circular

Certification for Continued Qualification of Conservation Easement Special Assessment ( 24.05 kb )
Written certification required to continue conservation easement special assessment due every 3 years
.pdfYour Manufactured Structure ( 632.89 kb )
Important information about owning a manufactured home

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