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Building Safety
 Solar Prescriptive Submittal Form ( 282.11 kb )
Photovoltaic Review Requirements for Prescriptive Roof Mount Installations
 Careers in Code Administration ( 283.64 kb )
Code officials, inspectors, and plan reviewers play a major role in keeping the public safe. They ensure that all buildings, including homes, businesses, and places of public assembly, are built to required building safety codes, which address structural stability, fire safety, means-of-egress, sanitation, electricity, energy efficiency, and more. These Building Department staff are responsible for protecting the public health, safety, and welfare through effective code enforcement.
 Residential Plan Submittal Checklist ( 267.62 kb )

This checklist provides information on the required information for submitting plans for residential construction including new construction or additions and alterations.

Well prepared and complete plans will help ensure an expedient and effective plan review.  See the document titled "Plan Submittal Requirements and Information" for additional information.

 Plan submittal requirements and information ( 268.72 kb )
General information for the requirements of plan submittal, code requirements and building design..


 Energy/Lighting/Moisture content self verification form ( 83.11 kb )

This form is required to be on file with Building Safety department prior to requesting final inspection.  The completed form can be dropped off, mailed, faxed or emailed to Building Safety.


 Sub-Contractor List ( 5.68 kb )
The 2008 Oregon Residential Code requires that certain sub-contractors be recorded with the permit in order to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.

 Garage Plan - Page 1 ( 187.2 kb )
Page 1 of a fill-in-the-blank garage plan

 Garage plan - page 2 ( 41.95 kb )
Page 2 of a fill-in-the-blank garage plan

 Residential Stair, Door and Landing Requirements ( 774.5 kb )
Details of general requirements for residential stairs, doors and landings.


 Beam Span Chart ( 116.28 kb )
Span chart for double 2x and 4x headers/beams.

 Joist/Rafter Span Chart ( 115.32 kb )
Span chart for DF#2 joists & rafters.

 Design Criteria ( 332.4 kb )
Design criteria for buildings and structures such as wind, snow and seismic.


 Residential Footing Details (2 of 2) ( 137.64 kb )
General Footing details that conform to the Oregon Residential Specialty Code and local requirements.

 Residential Footing Details (1 of 2) ( 125.45 kb )
General Footing details that conform to the Oregon Residential Specialty Code and local requirements.

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