Sex Offender Sweeps

A report provided by the Oregon State Police Sex Offender Registration Unit indicates that of the 452 sex offenders living in Josephine County, 87 are out of compliance. As a result, the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting “sex offender sweeps,” in which deputies will attempt to locate and penalize all out-of-compliance offenders throughout the county and within city limits.

Sheriff Gilbertson has issued a zero-tolerance order, which dictates that all offenders committing compliance misdemeanors will be cited and those committing compliance felonies will be arrested and lodged.

To be in compliance, sex offenders must report to an Oregon law enforcement agency within ten days of their birthday annually. They are also required to report within ten days of a change in residence, in or out of state, and within ten days of changes to attendance status or employment at a higher education institution.

In addition, offenders must report within ten days of discharge from a correctional facility, after placement on probation, and after relocation to this state from another state. Sex offenders are advised to come in and comply before the sweeps begin.

If offenders have questions regarding compliance, they can contact the OSP Sex Offender Registration Unit at 503-378-3720.

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