Burglars Beware

Josephine County, OR — If you’re seeing more black and white in your area lately, you may live along one of the Sheriff’s Office new “D-Runs.”

D-Runs are designated routes that deputies are currently running in response to recent burglary concentrations identified by the Analysis Unit.

Deputies are giving special attention to these areas, conducting field interviews and investigating suspicious persons and vehicles to proactively prevent further property loss.

If you are stopped, please help our deputies by providing them the information they need to identify who belongs in the area and who may be a risk. We appreciate your assistance in the combined effort to make your communities safer.

D-Runs will be modified as new concentrations appear, and they will be continued for as long as necessary.

If you have any information on potential burglary suspects or stolen property, please contact (541) 474-5123.

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