Dangerous Pit Bull Stolen from Shelter

blue-nosed pitbull
Note: This is not the actual dog, but it is a close representation of what the dog looks like.
Description of Dog
Name: Crook
Breed: Blue-Nosed Pit Bull
Gender: Male
Age: 6 years old
Primary color: Fawn (light yellowish brown)

Grants Pass, OR ― Last night, subjects broke into Josephine County Animal Control and took a dog that was quarantined for having bitten and caused serious injury to an individual.

The dog was scheduled to be put down today, due to the severity of the bite it had inflicted.

The Sheriff’s Office asks for your assistance in locating this dangerous animal so it can’t cause any further injury. If you know of the dog’s whereabouts, or have any information on this incident, please contact (541) 474-5123 and hit “5” for the Records Division.

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