Sheriff’s Deputies Rescue Two Stranded Albany Men
Monday, March 28, 2011

Kerby, OR — At 03:18 yesterday morning, Deputy Jason Stanton located two Albany men who were stranded at a mining claim out Forest Service Road 4105.

Terry McCarthy and Timothy Holder drove their vehicle down to the creek by the claim on Saturday and were unable to get back out due to the wet and muddy ground.

Fortunately, McCarthy and Holder told their relatives and Kerby Motel manager Mark Dowd where they were headed and what time they should be expected back.

When they hadn’t returned at the specified time on Saturday night, Dowd first attempted to find the subjects in the Cave Junction area and then contacted the Sheriff’s Office, just after midnight.

Sheriff’s deputies also checked the valley for the subjects’ vehicle and requested a “ping” of their cell phone to determine its most recent location. The phone was turned off, but family members were able to provide a detailed description of where the subjects were headed.

Deputy Jason Stanton utilized his 4WD vehicle to search for the subjects in the area of the mining claim specified by family members. By 03:18 a.m., Deputy Stanton located McCarthy and Holder with their dog Jake, muddy and hungry but otherwise fine.

Deputy Stanton says, “They told people where they were going and told someone to send help if they didn’t return at a certain time ― just like people who travel in the woods should.” Having that information helped the Sheriff’s Office rescue them quickly, without needing to deploy Search and Rescue resources.

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