Public Safety Dispatchers Recognized & Appreciated
Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What: National Public Safety Telecommunications Week See PDF Version
When: April 10-16, 2011
Where: Nationwide

Thursday, April 14th, county commissioners will read a proclamation announcing Josephine County’s recognition of National Public Safety Telecommunications Week (NPSTW).

NPSTW was conceived in 1981 by Patricia Anderson of Contra Costa County. It went national in 1991 when it was introduced and proclaimed by Congress.

Dispatchers have one of the most stressful jobs in law enforcement. They are the first point of contact for a person in emergency, and they have to respond with both calm and urgency.

Josephine County dispatchers, at times, must juggle multiple emergency calls, all the while tracking and keeping radio contact with deputies to ensure their safety.

In addition, they simultaneously are running criminal histories and searching for information on suspects to keep the deputies apprised of what they might expect at any given time.

It can be a thankless job, as they aren’t necessarily the ones you see in the headlines making arrests, but we know that they do a tremendous job and have saved lives with their quick thinking and hard work.

Thank a dispatcher this week, and let him or her know how much you appreciate her just being there, all hours of the night, to take the call.

NPSTW is always the second full week of April. For more information, visit the National Public Safety Telecommunications Week blog site.

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