Josephine County Rural Crime Rates Decrease Significantly
Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Sheriff’s Office has embraced a new style of patrol: proactive policing.

This proactive style uses intelligence, analysis and our deputies’ knowledge of their patrol areas to pinpoint crime trends; we then use that information to increase our presence and activity accordingly.

Since Sheriff Gilbertson was sworn into office in January 2007, he has focused the office on moving from the previous, predominantly reactive method to the current, proactive method that is proving its worth.

Analysts found that, when comparing 2007 to 2010, property crimes (i.e. burglaries, thefts and vandalism) have decreased by 29% in Josephine County, and traffic accidents have decreased by a remarkable 49%.

These decreases are apparently the result of the 169% increase that has been made in proactive, officer-initiated activity since 2007.

For example, we identified that specific boat ramps on the Rogue River were being targeted at certain times of day and, based on statistical data, adjusted our policing patterns to better prevent damage and theft.

We saw concentrations of residential burglaries and created designated runs (D-Runs) that focus deputies on those areas that need them the most.

And while no one likes to be stopped for a traffic violation, the result of increased traffic patrol — 49% fewer accidents with 14% fewer fatalities — speaks for itself.

The Sheriff’s Office will continue this proactive method of policing for as long as we continue to see positive results in the community.

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