Patrol Assist Team Trained and Ready for Action
Friday, June 24, 2011

The Josephine County Sheriff’s Office has been working on ways to provide more service without increasing costs. One of the best ways to accomplish that goal is the utilization of the qualified volunteers and reserves who donate their time to this community.

We have activated a Patrol Assist Team (PAT) comprised of sixteen reserve deputies and volunteers who have undergone intensive training in crime scene processing.

The training was taught by Detective Sergeant Ken Selig and covered everything from lifting fingerprints to courtroom testimony. “They passed with flying colors,” says Operations Commander Jeff Michael.

The PAT will work in teams of two, with one team on-call at all times and ready to respond to major property crimes such as burglary and criminal mischief.

The highly trained teams will assist patrol deputies in gathering and processing evidence, aspects of investigation that take a considerable amount of time. “We’ll use them to free up patrol, so patrol can be more proactive in doing this job,” says Commander Michael.

Proactive policing efforts by the Sheriff’s Office have increased 169% since 2007 and have yielded noteworthy results. Property crimes in rural Josephine County have decreased 29% and traffic accidents are down 49%. For more information on our proactive policing efforts, visit

For all crimes, there will still be a thorough investigation and report done by the responding deputy. Evidence gathering for serious person crimes will continue to be conducted by the Sheriff’s Office Major Crimes Unit (MCU).

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Volunteer Neal Appleton meticulously dusting brass knuckles for fingerprints.

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