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500 NW 6th Street, Dept 3
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Phone: (541) 474-5260
Contact: Connie Roach
Hours: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM Monday through Thursday; Friday by appointment


Ownership transfers are processed at the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services Building Codes Division (BCD) or through a title company. The process changes the ownership and/or the location of a home in the State’s records. Simply signing an ownership document or sales agreement does not transfer ownership. Forms and instructions can be downloaded at BCD’s website.
Ownership and location records in the Assessor’s Office will be updated only after we receive notice from BCD that a transfer or trip permit has been completed. Until the transfer or siting is complete, our records will show the selling party as responsible for all property taxes.

Selling a manufactured home?
To complete the process, you will need to do the following:
  1. Pay all property taxes, interest and fees due to the Josephine County Tax Collector’s Office.
  2. Obtain a County Manufactured Home Ownership Document Application for New and Used Homes (Form 2952) from the BCD website or from our office.
  3. Obtain a Josephine County Manufactured Home Certification form from the Assessor’s Office. A fillable pdf is available in the link below. Our office will confirm that the taxes are paid in full and certify this form. There is a $4 fee to certify this form, which can be paid with cash or money order. Bring or mail the form with your payment to our office at 500 NW 6th Street in Grants Pass, OR 97526. The form will be certified and then returned to you over the counter, by email or mail, and must accompany the forms you will submit to BCD.
  4. Provide the current DMV title or BCD ownership document signed off by the seller(s) and any lien holder(s).
  5. Send all forms with payment of $55 for the transfer fee, check or Visa made payable to Oregon Department of Building Codes, to the address shown on the BCD forms.
You may call us at 541-474-5260 for more information or contact BCD at 503-373-1309 or on their website.

Moving a manufactured home?

First, you will need to secure a placement permit from your local Planning Department to be sure that the manufactured home may be sited at the new location. 
To obtain a trip permit for a home moving out of Josephine County all taxes for the current fiscal year must be paid. You will need to complete and supply our office with the County Manufactured Home Ownership Document Application for New and Used Homes (Form 2952) from the BCD website or from our office. You will need a County Tax Certification form for the county where the home is moving from and one from the county where the home is moving to. Josephine County charges a $4 fee for this form.
Send the Manufactured Home Ownership Document Application for New and Used Homes form and County Tax Certification (Form2952) along with a payment for the $55 transaction fee and trip permit fee (each section requires a $5 trip permit), payable to Oregon Department of Building codes, to the address listed on the BCD form.
In October you will receive a tax bill from the county where the manufactured home was located as of January 1 that year.

De-titling/Exempting a manufactured home from ownership document
Your DMV title or Ownership Document may be eligible for the de-titling/exemption process if the ownership of your land and manufactured home are identical. This de-titling/exemption means that the manufactured home is recorded with the County Clerk’s Office as part of the real property land account on which it is located and is considered real property. You may contact any title company, call us at 541-474-5260 or visit BCD’s website for more details on how to complete this process.

Demolishing a manufactured home?
When you demolish your manufactured home, you need to:
  • Pay all property taxes, interest and fees currently due.
  • File a Manufactured Home Ownership Document Application for New and Used Homes form (form 2952) with the Assessor’s office and submit the current title or ownership document. BCD will be notified once the home has been confirmed gone.
One of our appraisers will verify the home no longer exists for the applicable tax year. We will notify BCD that the home has been demolished.
Josephine County Assessor Manufactured Home & Tax Certification Form

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