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500 NW 6th Street, Dept 11
500 NW 6th Street, Room 162
Grants Pass, OR 97526
Phone: (541) 474-5217
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Job Status

Current Postings that have not reached the posting deadline date or 1st review date - (if the dates have been reached but no applications have been received, the posting is still listed below):


Following is a list of positions we have recruited for over the last several months and for which the deadline for applications has passed.

Positions in the SCREENING PROCESS: 
       Alcohol/Drug Counselor  (#15-18)  Open Until Filled
       Deputy DA I  (#15-28)  Open Until Filled
Fairgrounds Manager (15-32) Open Until Filled

       Parks Program Manager (#15-21) Open Until Filled
       Planner III (#15-26) Open Until Filled

      Public Health Nurse (#15-11) Open Until Filled

The applications have been forwarded to the hiring supervisor and are being reviewed. Interviews may be taking place. The screening process may take several weeks, sometimes longer. 

Note: If the position is "Open Until Filled", the hiring supervisor will continue to receive applications as they are submitted until a hiring decision has been made.

Positions that have been FILLED:
      Animal Shelter Technician  (#15-22)      
      Code Enforcement Admin (#15-27)   
Deputy DA I  (#15-23)   
      Human Resources Specialist  (#15-24) 

Candidates have been interviewed, a final candidate was selected and the hiring process is complete.


NOTE: Due to the large volume of applications the County receives, you will not be notified of the results of the recruitment unless you are selected for an interview. Postings listed as “open until filled” may be discontinued without further notice as soon as a satisfactory candidate has been selected.

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