Posting Number: 20200227-01
 Project Name: Consulting Services for Mining Administration
 Opening Date: 2/27/2020
 Opening Time: 8:00:00 AM
 Due Date: 3/17/2020
 Due Time: 04:30 PM
 Description: Josephine County is soliciting Statements of Qualifications from consulting firms or other qualified persons who can adequately demonstrate that they have the resources, experience and qualifications necessary to provide consultation and advice regarding the issuance and administration of mining permits on public property. 

Josephine County covers 1,642 square miles of Southwest Oregon. The county is extremely rich in valuable mineral resources, including gold and federally listed critical minerals. The county government owns and administers nearly 30,000 acres of forest property, much of which sits atop existing or potential mineral extraction sites. Presently, no authorized mineral extraction is occurring on county property. County law describes a formal permit process by which entities can explore for, and eventually extract, valuable minerals. The county has not considered any mineral related permits for 12 years, but has recently resumed considering permit applications.
The initial term of this contract is estimated to be one year, with options for renewal based on performance. The county has no objection to the consultant having other clients so long as there is no conflict with the county’s interest. There are no geographic requirements, but the firm must be capable of providing top-tier service from its location, which likely includes site visits.

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