Posting Number: 03162020
 Project Name: Transit Vehicle Cleaning
 Opening Date: 3/16/2020
 Opening Time: 1:00:00 PM
 Due Date: 4/14/2020
 Due Time: 5:00pm
 Status: Open
JCT is seeking bids for the weekday and weekend washing of revenue service vehicles.  The number of vehicles needing cleaning will vary daily, but is consistent on a weekly basis.  It is the intention to have all vehicles washed at least twice per week.  A more frequent washing schedule may be warranted by varying weather patterns.
The vehicle cleaning will consist of washing the exterior of the vehicles as well as complete cleaning of the interior.  Interior cleaning includes all windows, floors, seats and grab surfaces with professional grade sanitizing products.
The entire fleet consists of 6 35’ vehicles, 5 25’ vehicles, 4 20’ vans and 3 mini vans.  All cleaning equipment and materials will be supplied by JCT.  The hours that the vehicles will be made available to be washed can vary.  Currently, during the weekday, the vehicles are scheduled for washing between 8:00am and 11:30am.  Weekday service time needs to be a complete cleaning of each assigned vehicle in 45 minutes or less.
The entire fleet needs to be cleaned over the weekend or service holidays. There is no time constraint per vehicle for weekend service cleaning.
Bid proposals should be submitted on a per vehicle basis, by vehicle type.  Please include an hourly rate for additional detail work such as spot removal, window treatments and decal/sign removals.   
Cost Proposals:
  • 35’ – cost per vehicle
  • < 25’ – cost per vehicle
  • Vans – cost per vehicle
  • Cost per hour for additional detail work as assigned
All interested parties are invited to call (541) 474-5441 for additional information.  All bids must be received by 5:00pm 4/14/2020 to be eligible for selection.

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