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Eve Arce Treasurer, Josephine County
Eve Arce Treasurer, Josephine County

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Eve Arce was sworn in as the elected Treasurer of Josephine County January 7, 2013. She has worked in the Treasury office since 1995 and has been the Treasury office supervisor and Chief Deputy since 2006.

The elected Treasurer of Josephine County administers a successful treasury program for all taxing entities in Josephine County, including Josephine County government.
Emphasis is on protection of principal, liquidity and maximum investment returns. 

The Treasury Division acts as the County bank and is responsible for the collection, distribution and investment of monies for all Josephine County Funds and 40 trust and agency funds, including taxing district funds.  The average monthly balance of monies entrusted by the Treasurer ranged from $30 million dollars to $32 million dollars in fiscal year 2013-2014.

The Treasurer in her capacity as the County Tax Collector respectfully and effectively administers a successful tax collection program for Josephine County following Oregon law and, within those constraints, always choosing the action that best benefits the taxing districts and the taxpayers with emphasis on helping taxpayers avoid foreclosure.


The Tax Division collects taxes for all Josephine County taxing districts.   Property taxes totaling $61,820,315.89 were levied for the 2014-15 tax year with 7.8% of this amount levied for Josephine County Government.  Current and delinquent tax collections for all districts totaled $56,752,255.00 in the 2013-14 fiscal year. 


The Treasurer as Tax Collector also manages the delinquent property tax process including foreclosures of real property.   

In 2014, five properties were deeded to the county due to foreclosure.  In the last 5 years a total of 11 properties were deeded to the county:
- 8 of these were not usable as home sites,
- 1 was a prior home site, now bare land,
- 1 was a lot with derelict structures suitable for building after clean-up, and
- 1 is an abandoned home.

None of these properties were occupied by an owner.  Further information is available on the Treasurer's web site under the heading " Foreclosure Information".



The Treasurer’s Office is served by qualified and knowledge staff with more than 37 years of combined experience.

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