Friends of Search and Rescue (FOS)

Josephine County Friends of Search and Rescue (FOS) was incorporated as a legal unit in March of 1967. This all volunteer, not-for-profit, non-political organization is not funded by any agency or county general fund dollars. Monies raised by FOS directly benefit the Search & Rescue Division of the Sheriff's Office.

Friends of Search & Rescue is an IRS 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization, and donations are deductible to the extent allowed by law. Donations to SAR may be sent to:

250 Tech Way
Grants Pass, OR 97526


2019 Annual Giving Letter

Citizens of Josephine County,

Thank you for your past support of Josephine County Search and Rescue (SAR). We operate under an unfunded State mandate. Your donations pay for our rescue equipment, maintenance for the equipment, required training and certifications, along with many other needs. Every cent goes directly to supporting SAR operations. We are all volunteers and no donation monies are used to pay any wages.

SAR volunteers must purchase all their own personal equipment and maintain their required training and
certifications. We are on track to have over 17,000 volunteer hours of service this year. This represents a
significant savings to the County and a service to our community.

We need your donations for SAR to work. We cannot do this without your support.

We are called when your uncle goes missing; when your teenagers don't return home from an adventure;
when your elderly family member wanders away from home while suffering from dementia; or when your small child cannot be found. We are your friends and neighbors who volunteer to help those in need.

Frequently we search for lost people in very difficult weather conditions and under the cover of darkness.  When needed, we pack those out who are injured. SAR volunteers perform the difficult task of recovering those who have succumbed to the environment. Our mission is to do what is needed that others may live.

You will see us out helping in the community with events such as boat races, the Boatnik Parade, and the Josephine County Fair. We support the Sheriff's Office by providing crime scene security and evidence searches. Our Volunteers participate in safety fairs to provide outdoor survival education.

SAR depends on your donations. We are all volunteers; we do not have any paid staff. Along with
sending a check, please keep us in your prayers when you hear we are out on a dark and stormy night
looking for someone's loved one. We need your support that others may live.
Make your tax-deductible check out to FOSAR and place it in our pre-addressed envelope. Add a stamp
and mail. Or, donate electronically at PayPal ( or on Facebook.

Your Friends and Neighbors who are Josephine County Search and Rescue

Volunteers, Thank You.

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