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Setting Aside Arrest and/or Conviction
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Setting Aside Arrest and/or Conviction

Oregon Revised Statute ORS 137.225 allows some types of records to be erased from a person’s Computerized Criminal History (CCH).  You are encouraged to read this statute to help you decide if you qualify to have an item taken off your record.  A link to the Oregon Revised Statutes is available on the District Attorney home page.  Forms and general instructions are below.  Please note that convictions for traffic offenses are not able to be set aside.

PDF - Setting Aside Arrest Instructions   SETTING ASIDE ARREST INSTRUCTIONS.PDFSpacer(71.8KB)
Instructions on how to apply to set aside an arrest.

PDF - Setting Aside Arrest Forms   SETTING ASIDE ARREST FORM.PDFSpacer(74.7KB)
Forms for applying to set aside an arrest record.

PDF - Setting Aside Conviction Instuctions   SETTING ASIDE CONVICTION INSTRUCTIONS.PDFSpacer(83.8KB)
Instructions on how to apply to set aside a conviction.

PDF - Setting Aside Conviction Forms   SETTING ASIDE CONVICTION FORM.PDFSpacer(81.2KB)
Forms for applying to set aside a conviction.

PDF - ORS 137.225   ORS 137.225 SETTING ASIDE STATUTE.PDFSpacer(92KB)
2017 Oregon Revised Statute regarding setting aside an arrest and/or conviction.

Oregon Revised Statute defining what constitutes a traffic offense. Convictions for traffic offenses are currently not eligible to be set aside.
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