Staff Directory

First Name 
Last Name 
Phone #  Department 
Candus  Anderson  541-474-5325 ext 2226  Public Health   
Katelyn  Blakemore-Hebert  541-474-5458  Public Health/
Animal Shelter
Jeremy  Carlson  541-474-5458  Public Health/
Animal Shelter
Yvonne   Decker  541-474-5458  Public Health/
Animal Shelter
Shannon  Doak  541-474-5460 x4418  Public Health   
Justin  Fimbres  (541) 474-5325 ext. 2209  Public Health/
Environmental Health
Martha  Garcia  541-474-5325 ext 2234  Public Health   
Buck  Harms  (541) 474-5325 ext. 2207  Public Health/
Environmental Health
Brooklyn   Lane  541-474-5458  Public Health/
Animal Shelter
Cindy  McDaniel  (541) 474-5329  Public Health   
Shanna  McDonald  541-474-5325 ext 2222  Public Health   
Laura  Milnes  541-474-5458  Public Health/
Animal Shelter
Thomas   Peterson  (541)474-5112  Public Health/
Environmental Health
Bridgette  Potter  541-474-5325 ext 2203  Public Health   
Jim   Sager  541-474-5458  Public Health/
Animal Shelter
Sherri  Tobin  541-474-5325 ext 2208  Public Health   
Michael   Weber  541-474-5339  Public Health   
Claire   Wiener  5414745325x2206  Public Health   
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