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Committees and Advisory Boards

Josephine County is resuming Advisory Board (Committee/Council/Commission) meetings via virtual platforms and also in person utilizing social distancing guidelines in compliance with federal and state mandates regarding COVID-19.  Josephine County is extremely appreciative of the ongoing service provided by its advisory board volunteers.

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Josephine County Airport Advisory Boards 
Grants Pass Airport (GPAAB) & Illinois Valley Airport (IVAAB)
The purpose of the Advisory Boards shall be to advise the Josephine County Board of County Commissioners and Airport Manager on all matters affecting aviation and airport facilities.  These Boards meets monthly in the evenings
Josephine County Animal Shelter Advisory Committee (JASAC)
The purpose of the JASAC is to advise and make recommendations to the Josephine County Board of Commissioners and Josephine County Public Health Director regarding long range planning and budgeting for Josephine County Animal Shelter, animal shelter operations, and use of the animal shelter facility.  
Josephine County 4H/Extension Service District Budget Committee 
The Committee is composed of three members of the public and the Board of Commissioners. The Budget Committee meets every spring to review and approve proposed budget documents by the Budget Officer for the Extension Service District.
Josephine County Bikeway & Walkways Committee 
The Bikeways Committee consists of ten members. Five of the members must live within the City of Grants Pass and five of the member must live within the County. Grants Pass City Council will appoint five members and the Board of Commissioners will appoint five members. The Bikeways Committee works to implement the “Non-Motorized” chapter of the Master Transportation Plan by seeking input from the community. They also coordinate and disseminate information for public education about biking and walking routes and rules and serve as a resource and advisory group regarding bike and pedestrian trails for the City and County.  This Board meets monthly during working hours.
Josephine County Budget Committee 
This committee is composed of three members of the public and the Board of Commissioners.  The Budget Committee meets three or four times in a public setting each spring to review and approve proposed budget documents by the Budget Officer for the County.  Budget Committee members should have an interest in County operations and an understanding of governmental budget processes. 

Josephine County Collaborative Economic Development Committee (CEDC)
The Committee consists of 13 total members, with 5 appointed by the City of Grants Pass, 5 appointed by the County, 1 member appointed by Cave Junction, 1 member representing the Grants Pass and Josephine County Chamber of Commerce.  The CEDC is an advisory committee to the City of Grants Pass and to the Josephine County Board of Commissioners on matters pertaining to economic development and will be responsible for advising on and monitoring the implementation of economic development actions.  The CEDC is to promote cooperation in getting to agreement on how economic development actions should be implemented, and to monitor the implementation of those actions.
Josephine County Emergency Medical Services Board (EMS) 
The duties of the EMS Board are to review and make recommendations to the Board of Commissioners regarding all applications for assignment of Ambulance Service Areas, including initial license, amendment to a license, or renewal of license. The Board is also responsible for providing ongoing input to the County from pre-hospital care consumers, care providers, ambulance service providers and the medical community in Josephine County.
Josephine County Fair Board 
The Fair Board is composed of seven members, and meets once a month to review business management, finances, and other affairs for the fairgrounds.
Josephine Housing & Community Development Council (JHCDC)
The JHCDC administers the federally funded, Section 8 Tenant-Based Assistance programs for Josephine County, Their purpose is to provide low-income residents with opportunities to obtain affordable housing and achieve self-sufficiency. In general, the Board members set the direction and tome of the JHCDC. They give direction to the Executive Director, as necessary, and review situations brought to their attention. The Board is responsible for the decisions they make in their capacity as Board members. The Board reviews, sets and amends policies for general operation, reviews new programs, and decides whether or not to apply for them, reviews regular program reports submitted by staff at monthly meetings, etc.  The Board consists of seven regular members. Board meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at 1:30 p.m. located at 1205 NE 7th St.
Josephine County Library Board of Trustees 
The purpose of the Board of Trustees shall be to govern the Library consistent with the law and the duly adopted Resolutions of the Board of County Commissioners.  The Board consists of five and not more than 15 members who must reside within Josephine County. This Board meets the second Tuesday of every third month at 5:30 in the Ben Bones Room.
Josephine County Mining Advisory Committee (MAC)
The duty of the MAC is to advise the Board of Commissioners of the environmental problems, concerns of the timber industry, illegal mining on private and government lands, on mining ventures of large corporations and how these activities can affect the citizens of Josephine County, and other matters related to mining as deemed appropriate. 
Josephine County Parks Advisory Board (PAB) 
The PAB acts as a primary line of communication between the public and Josephine County government to provide the Board of County Commissioners with the broadest range of public thought and response to Josephine County’s parks and recreational needs and services. The Board also recommends parcels of County land suitable for public parks and recreational purposes. The Board consists of nine members appointed to a four-year terms.
Josephine County Rural Area Planning Commission (RPC) 
The RPC has final jurisdiction over land use matters as specified in County Law for the areas outside the Urban Growth Boundary. The Commission also reviews and makes recommendations regarding zone changes, comprehensive plan map amendments and site-specific changes.  The Commission consists of nine members. The members are all from different geographical areas within the County. No more than two members shall be engaged principally in the buying, selling, or developing of real estate for profit either as individuals or for a company or corporation. No more than two members shall be engaged in the same kind of occupation, business, trade or profession.  
Josephine County Special Transportation Advisory Committee (STAC) 
The STAC comprises up to nine members, each of which must be a resident of or work within Josephine County. The duties of the Special Transportation Advisory Committee are to advise regarding the opportunities to coordinate Special Transportation Fund (STF) and Special Transportation Operating (STO) moneys and STF- and STO-funded projects with other transportation programs and services to avoid duplication and gaps in service. The STAC is also responsible for the review and prioritization of funding recommendations to the BCC through the Statewide Transportation Improvement Fund (STIF) and STIF discretionary funding.   
Local Public Safety Coordinating Council (LPSCC) 
LPSCC develops and recommends to the County Board of Commissioners the plan for use of state resources to serve the local youth offender population. Coordinates local juvenile justice policy among affected juvenile justice entities. In consultation with the local commission on children and families, develops and recommends to the County Board of Commissioners a plan designed to prevent criminal involvement by youth. The plan must provide for coordination of community-wide services involving treatment, education, employment, and intervention strategies aimed at crime prevention.
The Rogue Valley Area Commission on Transportation (RVACT) is an advisory committee to the Oregon Transportation Committee (OTC) representing the Rogue Valley area of Oregon.

Advisory Board on Forest Affairs
This board was created to act in an advisory capacity to the Board of Commissioners in the matter of forestry affairs and land use in Josephine County.

Urban Area Planning Commission (UAPC)
The UAPC has authority:  1. To make a final decision on all land use matters requiring a Type III procedure. 2. To make recommendations to the City Council or Board of County Commissioners on all land use matters requiring a Type IV procedure. 3. When requested by the Board and Council, to make recommendations to the City Council and Board of County Commissioners on land use matters of joint deliberation requiring a Type V procedure. 

Josephine County Addictions, Mental Health, Public Health Advisory Committee (AMPAC)
AMPAC  helps identify needs, establish priorities for alcohol and other drug services, coordinate with public and mental health agencies, criminal justice, youth services, and substance abuse planning groups.  AMPAC will serve the public interest by helping assess and represent the community's health needs in an ethical and responsible manner.  

Josephine County Cannabis Advsiory Panel (CAP)

The Joephine County Board of Commissioners re-established CAP, consisting of up to seven (7) members for the purpose of advising and making recommendations to the Josephine County Board of Commissioners, to create positive local, state, and federal policy/regulations regarding matters concerning the growing harvesting, processing and marketing of cannabis and to report to the Board of Commissioners regarding issues that affect the cannabis industry, the positive and negative issues, and how it impacts surrounding residents and their property.

Transient Lodging Tax Committee

The Josephine County Transient Lodging Tax Committee is a temporary ad hoc committee charged with the task of assessing and studying the issue of taxation on occupancy of Lodging Facilities for incorporated and unincorporated areas in Josephine County, tax rates, enforcement and appeals, penalties, and allocation of revenue collected. The Committee will make recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners according to the findings from these studies.

Josephine County COVID-19 Relief Funds Task Force 
Josephine County will receive a funding allocation through the American Rescue Plan Act, and through other legislation passed by Congress in response to the negative economic impacts of the COVID-19 Coronavirus disease.  The Board of Commissioners would like to optimize the use of the funds to improve infrastructure and support economic recovery.  The Board of Commissioners has determined that it is in the best interest of the citizens of Josephine County to establish a task force to explore and prioritize qualified expenditures for use of these funds.  There will be eleven members on the Task Force including: Two residents of Josephine County, the Josephine County Finance Director, the Josephine County Public Health Director, the Josephine County Information Technology Director, the Josephine County Human Resources Director, the Josephine County Property Manager, the Josephine County Public Works Director, one member of the Josephine County Board of Commissioners, one member of the Josephine County Budget Committee, and one member from the Collaborative Economic Development Committee (CEDC).  

Josephine County Charter Review Commission

The Josephine County Charter Review Commission is a temporary, Blue Ribbon Commission to review the County Charter for any necessary amendments, revisions, or repeals.  This Commission is a politically neutral Commission with no member being a current employee of the county government. This Commission consists of nine members: Three residents of the City of Grants Pass, one resident of the City of Cave Junction, and five members of the unincorporated region of Josephine County. The Commission shall issue a final, non-binding report to the Board of Josephine County Commissioners within two years of 4/28/21with its findings.

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